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My NaNo Notebook Cover by Margie22 My NaNo Notebook Cover by Margie22
Hmm, not too sure I have this in the right category.

Well, last year I found that having a notebook around NaNoWriMo time was very helpful so I decided to order a custom cover notebook from Vistaprint specifically for NaNo. :D This is the cover I designed for it, I wanted to have a design that was dark and didn't have much contrast so that I can have the notebook out in class and not have people being able to easily see what it is. I decided on purples because I like purple. xD My NaNo novel is gonna have werewolves and vampires in it so that's why there's the wolf and the fangs, the wolf is the kinda main thing you see though because, well, its a wolf! hehe

The wolf was done with a brush on photoshop that I got ages ago to use on a RP site banner and I really can't remember where I got the brush set. The font I used is Castellar. I based the design of the fangs off an image I found on Google images, I used the image as a reference.

I got the actual notebook in the mail today too! That's why I'm uploading the cover design. (: The cover is so shinny and I keep getting a lot of reflection trying to take a photo of it or I would have uploaded a picture of the notebook rather then the file for the cover design.

Mine! No stealing, kay?
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October 9, 2012
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